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Broker Visions News

  • 15Oct

    BrokersCloud is Announced

  • 01Jun

    Over 30 industry 1st released

  • 15Mar

    BrokersBoard V.77.71 Released

  • 16Mar

    V.77.71 is Complete!

  • 05Mar

    V.77 is Almost Here

  • 10Feb

    V.77 Progressing Smoothly

  • 07Jan

    Version 77 has begun

  • 01Jan

    New BrokerVisions Site Launches

BrokersCloud Announced
Over the past 9 months a special and select team of developers have been working secretly on a special project we codenamed, "BrokerJedi".  Another team of developers were continuing to making advancements to our current offering which is (The BrokersBoard).  The BrokersBoard was actually an unannounced bata test and proving ground for some of the technology that will be included in the release of BrokersCloud.  
When we released the BrokersBoard on January 1, 2013 it was the 1st cloudbased platform in the industry and still very powerful in its own right.  We recognized very early on that project “BrokerJedi” was going to obsolete everything on the market, including the BrokersBoard.
The BrokerVisions team has learnt so much and compiled an immense amount a data and feedback over the many months from our initial launch date.  While other companies are getting their V1 product of the ground and the growing pains begin, we will be launching the coup de grâce of broker technology.  
We would like to thank everyone who took part in this beta test and proving ground for our new technology.  We look forward to providing the industry with some truly special technology.
The BrokersCloud is coming and we will update the industry shortly.