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BrokerVisions API with all of its robust features will give you the most powerful front end event ticket platform on the planet. Give your customers an extremely elegant and efficient way to purchase tickets directly on your website. The features we have developed and integrated with our API will increase your conversions and maximize your profits.  We guaranty it!
Our API allows you to control all facets of how you want inventory displayed on your website. With our API technology integrated, you will control the entire checkout phase of the purchase. Customers will never be redirected to an external checkout page. (With our API YOU REALLY DO GET TO KEEP THE CUSTOMER).


Integrate Our API & Receive All Of These Amazing Features


Real-Time Ticket Exchange Integration

Real-Time Ticket Exchange Integration

Search and purchase tickets directly from BrokersCloud marketplace.  You can sell your own tickets, or purchase tickets directly from the holding broker, all in real time.


Real Time Ticket Purchases

Real-Time Ticket Purchases

All tickets on BrokersCloud marketplace are displayed in real-time. You also have the ability to buy and selling in real-time.  You will never again have to call a broker to see if the tickets are still available.


Interactive Ticket Selection and Seating Charts

Interactive Ticket Selection & Seating Charts

Locating tickets and drilling down to specific locations has never been easier.  With our own proprietary interactive maps, selecting specific tickets and locations has never been more efficient or elegant.


Interactive Ticket Selection and Seating Charts


Our servers will provide our users with modern hosting and up to date technologies that will distribute content with low latency coupled with high data transfer speeds.


Interactive Ticket Selection and Seating Charts

Full Customization And Flexibility

Our API gives you 2 options of integration. The first is our RESTful API which lets you display only the data you choose. The second option is our easy API with CSS control and point and click integration abilities.


Interactive Ticket Selection and Seating Charts

Powerful Event Search Integrated

Our API gives you very powerful integrated event searching capabilities and is fully customizable to your sites design. Our searching technology will help your customer’s located events and tickets with ease and simplicity.


Interactive Ticket Selection and Seating Charts

Control Your Own Checkout

Control your own checkout with our API.  Your customers will never be redirected to an external website to complete the transaction. With our API you control absolutely everything including your own checkout.


Full Compatiblity

Full Compatibility 

Our API is fully compatible with any existing website or web technologies.  If you choose to implement our simple API or our fully documented RESTful API, you will have most powerful ticket platform on the planet. 


Instant Widgets

Instant Widgets

Our widget developer lets you create a turn-key event module that can be placed anywhere on your website. Select the event criteria and distribution options you want to include, then click generate.


Hosted in the Clouds

Hosted in the Cloud

This is cloud computing at its finest.  Our technology and platform is more scalable, secure and faster than other exchanges.  You no longer have to download bloated software.




The Future is here.  Don't be left behind.  Be a part of it.  Embrace the change!

Our API and all of its robust features can give you the most powerful front end event ticket platform on the planet. When you combine your front end integrated solution with our backend business management tools you have an extremely powerful platform that is guaranteed to make you money.

If you would like a demo, feel free to send us your info contact information using the form below or give us a call directly at 702-448-8895